We believe that liberty and entrepreneurialism are the keys to prosperity and human happiness; without them, society stagnates. As full-time freedom fighters, we believe these twin ideals need to be shouted from the rooftops… or, into your earbuds.

Connor Boyack is the president of Libertas Institute and a seasoned entrepreneur. Bryan Hyde is a long-time commentator and advocate for freedom. We want to raise the level of discussion to where it isn’t just minds that are being changed but lives as well.

Society and the State is an exploration of competing approaches to organizing our lives and changing the world. Free market solutions, or central planning by government? Decisions by the many, or the few? Other people running our lives, or being free to chart our own course?

From business regulations to war, welfare programs to education, and social justice to the war on drugs—time and again, the state (meaning, the government) enforces “one size fits all” programs on everybody. Where society (people voluntarily and freely working together in the market) can innovate, optimize, and accelerate, the state (people imposing their decisions on everybody else) tends to do the opposite.

But this isn’t a podcast about abstract ideas and political theory—this is a podcast about you and your pursuit of happiness—the path to a better life that can be found through compelling ideas, inspiring principles, and mind-blowing products and services making the world a better place.

While we’re surrounded with false philosophies and flawed ideas, we’re also surrounded by visionaries, innovators, and doers—people with stories and successes that can create a better future for all of us. Society and the State exposes you to controversial ideas and cutting edge innovations to help you have a better life, more liberty, and a successful and joyful pursuit of happiness.

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