94: Kristin Tate on How Americans Are Taxed to Death

Most of us grumble about taxes but we seldom understand just how many different ways we are taxed in our daily lives. From the federal level right down to the local level there are more outstretched government hands than you’d think, all vying for their cut of your money. Kristen Tate spells out for us where these often hidden taxes lie and why it’s important to hold our leaders at every level accountable for what they’re doing with our money.  

About the Guest

Kristin Tate is an author and political columnist based in New York City. She is an opinion contributor to The Hill, and appears regularly on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. Red Alert Politics and Newsmax Magazine have named her one of the most influential right-of-center leaders under the age of 30. Prior to shifting to the opinion field, she was a reporter for Breitbart News in Texas and was routinely featured on the Drudge Report.

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