92: Matt Warner on How Is the Worldwide Fight for Freedom Going?

Sometimes it feels as though freedom and free markets have become a low priority for most folks. However, behind the scenes, it’s astonishing how many individuals and organizations are working passionately to promote the ideals of a free society. Atlas Network is a worldwide network that connects hundreds of organizations that are defending freedom around the globe. Matt Warner is the Chief Operating Officer for Atlas Network. He joins us to share his insights into what Atlas is accomplishing.  

About the Guest

Matt Warner is Chief Operating Officer of Atlas Network. In this role he supports the strategic evolution of Atlas Network’s Coach, Compete, Celebrate approach to strengthening a global network of research and advocacy organizations all committed to expanding economic freedom for all people. His work has been published in the Cato Journal, the Washington Times, Forbes.com, Fee.org, as well as many daily and weekly newspapers throughout the United States.

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