82: Michael Boldin on Whether the 10th Amendment is Still Relevant

When the U.S. Constitution was written, the balance of power between the states and the federal government they called into existence was very different. Under federalism, the states and the people were superior to the federal government in all but a very few, clearly enumerated areas. The framers drove this point home in the 10th Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Over time, however, this relationship has been turned on its head. Michael Boldin from the 10th Amendment Center joins us to discuss why this happened and whether the 10th Amendment remains relevant in our day.   

About the Guest

Michael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. Michael has a full schedule working as senior editor of the Center’s website, writes a regular column, fields media interviews, and travels the country to speak to crowds about sticking to the Constitution – every issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses. Michael lives in the belly of the beast in Los Angeles, California.

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