8: Lenore Skenazy On Free Range Parenting

Raising responsible, self-reliant, can-do kids isn’t easy. Especially when the perception of danger is everywhere. Lenore Skenazy made headlines a few years ago when she allowed her then 9 year old son to take the subway home from Bloomingdales department store, by himself. Of course, he made it home safely. However, when her story hit the media, she was labeled “America’s worst mom.” If you’ve ever been caught up in the kind of irrational fear that leads to hyper-vigilant “helicopter parenting”, Lenore has a message of hope that you need to hear.

About the Guest

Lenore Skenazy is a mother, author, columnist, blogger, reality show host and the founder of the Free Range Kids movement. She is a mother to two sons and has been the voice of reason about parenting in a world where fears of child abduction, germs, bullies and bugs have been blown wildly out of proportion.

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