72: Wayne Leighton on the Best Freedom Conference That You’ve Never Heard of

One of the most encouraging aspects of advancing the cause of freedom is getting to associate with others who are driven by a similar purpose. What’s even more encouraging is to find that efforts are happening in locales all around the globe. In this episode, Connor interviews Wayne Leighton from the Antigua Forum in Guatemala. which is accelerating the growth of freedom throughout the world. If you want to see how small groups of people can come together to create genuine solutions, look no further.  

About the Guest

Wayne A. Leighton is Professor of Economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) in Guatemala, Executive Director of the Antigua Forum, and Senior Expert at Navigant Economics, LLC. With the Antigua Forum, which he has led since its inception at UFM in 2010, Dr. Leighton directs a project that is designed to create a unique learning environment for highly leveraged, high-profile political reformers from around the world. In particular, the Antigua Forum focuses on helping these individuals learn how to achieve market liberal reforms.

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