68: Zak Slayback on How to Market Yourself

Standing out from the crowd isn’t as easy as it sounds. Especially when everyone is doing pretty much the same things to stand out. Zak Slayback is as innovative as he is energetic. He is a master at helping individuals cut through all the white noise and make meaningful connections with the decision-makers. Zak joins us to discuss the essentials of marketing yourself and creating the kind of authentic opportunities that place you in control of your destiny.  

About the Guest

Zak Slayback is a communicator focusing on issues of education, innovation, and social change. He’s the author of the 2016 Amazon best-seller, The End of School: Reclaiming Education from the Classroom and is currently finalizing How to Get Ahead When You Have Nothing to Offer. He regularly speaks on issues of learning, social change, innovation, and the changing jobs landscape.

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