66: Trey Goff on Should We Scrap Our Constitution and Replace it With a Better One?

The public’s attitude towards the U.S. Constitution is varied, at best. Some are hostile to it, others regard it as sacrosanct and a good many folks are simply ambivalent about it. Trey Goff closely studied the Constitution and how American government has evolved and then sat down and wrote “The Voluntaryist Constitution” to see if the concept could be improved upon. This is a formidable challenge since constitutions create government. In this episode, we discuss whether it’s possible to create an authentically voluntary constitution that maximizes liberty and prosperity while preventing a government monopoly on force.  

About the Guest

Trey Goff is a leading voice in the free societies movement. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science. He’s also an Alumni of the Charles Koch Institute’s Summer Fellows program, as well as the author of the Liberty Constitution, and has been published at the Foundation for Economic Education as well as the Mises Institute.

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