59: Jeremy Snow on Why Due Process Matters

We hear the phrase “due process” from time to time but it’s doubtful that many of us grasp how essential this concept is to a free society. Lawless individuals can certainly cause harm and suffering but lawless government also causes serious harm—and on a much larger scale. It’s never a good idea to allow the state to cut corners when it comes to the pursuit of justice. In this episode, attorney Jeremy Snow joins us to discuss what due process is and why it matters more than we may think.

About the Guest

Jeremy J. Snow grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Utah where he learned hard work, dedication, and common sense. He graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Animal Science, then attended Harvard University for his law degree. Jeremy uses that world class education and hometown common sense to persuade judges, juries, and prosecutors to get the best possible results for his clients.

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