55: Brad Green on Net Neutrality

Few things have stirred up the discussion on social media like the Federal Communications Commission’s recent repeal of net neutrality. Depending on who you were listening to, the end of net neutrality was either going to destroy the internet or make it better by introducing genuine competition between internet service providers. Since Brad Green is a highly savvy businessman who makes his living via online commerce, we wanted to get his take on net neutrality and how its repeal may impact our lives.

About the Guest

Brad Green is a computer tech, a computer scientist and the Chief Information Officer for PlumbersStock.com. Computers are his life. Since his childhood Brad has been intrigued by their capabilities and has spent his life working to understand computers and use them to create wealth and prosperity. Brad is passionate about liberty and every individual’s quest for their own happiness. He is a huge fan of John Locke’s articulation for private property in his Second Treatise on Government.

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