51: David Hall on the Future of Sustainable Development

Urban sprawl is creating serious challenges in a number of population centers across America and throughout the world. We’ve grown accustomed to having big homes and spending considerable amounts of time commuting to our work, shopping and community functions. Many of us have also lost touch with how our food gets to our table. Is there a better way we could be living in 1/5 of the space we currently inhabit? Could we produce more of what we eat right in our own communities? David Hall is a scientist, a visionary, and a prospective community planner who has some surprising answers to these questions and how we may be living in the future.

About the Guest

David Hall is prolific inventor and patentee with more than 450 patents granted and sold and over 400 patent applications in progress. Hall is also a serial entrepreneur and inventor that has started and grown dozens of businesses, innovating across many fields including high pressure/ high temperature systems, networking, mining, oil and gas, and road construction.

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