47: Bryce Jurgensmeier on How Things Go Viral

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or simply someone with an idea that can change the world, getting your message out can be a challenge. In the Digital Age, it’s not enough to simply reach the same small group of dedicated followers, your message needs to go viral. Bryce Jurgensmeier joins us to discuss how to share your story in such a way that people will voluntarily evangelize for you and help it spread like wildfire. Viral marketing isn’t just for the big boys, it’s for anyone who’s willing to learn how to create viral content.

About the Guest

Bryce Jurgensmeier is one of the most talented people on the planet. Nowhere is this more true than in the online realm. Bryce is a viral video engineer and consultant, a veteran Youtuber and the creator of How Things Go Viral. Big names trust Bryce to help them tell their stories in irresistible ways.

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