41: Angela Keaton on Will There Ever Be a Popular Peace Movement?

The war drums have been beating almost non-stop for most of our lives now. Are we really being protected from various enemies at the gate or is war simply the health of the state? Angela Keaton from antiwar.com joins us to discuss what the peace movement today is and is not. She also gives us a solid recounting of the history of the peace movement and where it is headed.

About the Guest

Angela Keaton as our new Executive Director. Keaton has been with Antiwar.com since 2008. Keaton, a second generation libertarian, has an MA and JD from the University of Florida. In addition to her extensive duties at Antiwar.com, she is a legal researcher at a West Hollywood based law firm, worked as a script doctor on audio books and ghost written materials on such eclectic areas from voting rights to celebrity gossip.

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