4: Matt Philips on the New Hampshire Free State Project

Where can a person find freedom in modern day America? The Free State Project has been working for 15 years to make New Hampshire the go-to state for freedom lovers. Matt Philips joins Connor and Bryan to discuss the ideas behind bringing freedom-minded people together. Learn why perpetuating freedom requires action more than simply sitting around talking about it with like-minded people.

About the Guest

Matt Philips is president of The Free State Project, a proven strategy for liberty in our lifetime. Matt majored in Politics at Princeton and interned at the Cato Institute along with FSP founder Jason Sorens before joining Internet advertising pioneer DoubleClick in New York City. He then co-founded Right Media, purchased by Yahoo! in 2007. He now lives in New Hampshire, where he is an activist and investor. Matt reminds potential New Hampshire residents that he grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, so he doesn’t want to hear anyone using the New England winter as an excuse for not moving.

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