39: Christina Sandefur on Do Property Rights Exist In the 21st Century?

The right to own, control and use one’s private property is the  cornerstone of liberty. But property rights in America have been steadily eroding for many generations. From zoning codes to property taxes to eminent domain, your private property rights are taking a regular beating. Christina Sandefur from the Goldwater Institute joins us to discuss what’s being done to restore and protect our property rights.

About the Guest

Christina Sandefur is Executive Vice President at the Goldwater Institute. Christina has won important victories for property rights in Arizona and works nationally to promote the Institute’s Private Property Rights Protection Act, a state-level reform that requires government to pay owners when regulations destroy property rights and reduce property values. She is the co-author of the book Cornerstone of Liberty: Private Property Rights in 21st Century America and is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law and Hillsdale College.

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