33: How Does Your Political Philosophy Affect Your Parenting?

How we view politics goes far beyond who we vote for during an election. The way that we understand how society should work, how people should interact and the role government should play are all a part of our individual political philosophy. Naturally, that’s pretty difficult to compartmentalize, even when it comes to how we raise our kids. How do our personal politics affect the way we parent? 

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  • Simon Leland

    This has to be the world broadest topic… so many specific circumstance and possibilities. However the concept of, “does what you believe shape who you are and how you interact with others” is dead on. So on a light note I’ll say, I rule over my kids with an iron fist because no one appreciated and values Liberty as those who have been deprived of it. On the flip side, I don’t believe in “pardoning” kids at 18, but allowing them earn their Freedom over their years through means of Personal Responsibility.