31: Eric Moutsos Confessions of a Former Police Officer

Do arrest and ticket quotas help or harm the efforts of local police? Former Salt Lake City officer Eric Moutsos describes what happens when police administrators tell officers they’re being evaluated on how many tickets they write and how many arrests they make. He explains how it’s a great way to create unnecessary distance between the police and the communities they serve. Eric speaks from a position of first hand experience and a desire to see a meaningful conversation begin before the divide grows any larger.

About the Guest

Eric Moutsos is a husband, father and problem-solver. Moutsos studied criminal justice at Salt Lake Community College before serving as a Salt Lake City police officer. After leaving law enforcement, he has continued to use his growing influence to have a positive impact on his community and beyond. Eric’s talents include a country music singing career and he is also friends with former boxing champion Evander Holyfield.

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