23: Steve Shillingford on Protecting Privacy With SUDO

We all appreciate how technology makes our lives more convenient. Sometimes we forget that some technological advances come with certain costs. Nowhere is that more apparent than what’s happening to our privacy. Thankfully, there are pioneers like Steve Shillingford who are helping those who value their privacy to protect it. In this episode, we talk with Steve about his SUDO app and how it empowers privacy-minded smart phone owners and computer users. 

About the Guest

Steve Shillingford has more than 20 years of experience driving revenue and growth at industry-leading technology companies. He has held executive positions across operations, marketing and sales during this time. An expert on forensics, network security and advanced malware, Steve is a regular speaker at industry, business, and security events on big data security, advanced threat protection and security intelligence and analytics. Steve has a B.S. in Psychology with Honors from Brigham Young University and MBAs from Columbia University Business School and University of California at Berkeley.

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