20: Richard Maybury on Teaching Children With the Uncle Eric Books

With so many interesting distractions all around us, it’s hard to help young minds recognize the complex issues and ideas that shape the world around us. Finding someone who can make difficult concepts easier to understand and apply is a huge help. Richard Maybury is a talented author and the publisher of the Uncle Eric book series which helps readers of all ages understand economics, law and history in a memorable way. Maybury’s approach is empowering and greatly needed. It’s a lot easier to teach young minds correct principles than it is to persuade adults to relearn false ideas they’ve believed most of their lives.

About the Guest

Richard Maybury is widely considered one of the top free market writers in America. He has written 22 books and monographs, including his Uncle Eric series of books, which focus on economics, law and history. He has been interviewed on more than 250 radio and TV shows across America, on topics ranging from monetary policy, investments and business cycles to the geopolitics of the Mideast oil region and former Soviet Union, as well as U.S. foreign policy.

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