126: Ben Taylor on What a World with AI Might Look Like

Of all the technological advances going on around us, none have so much potential to change our world as the science of artificial intelligence (AI). Some see AI as a potential danger, e.g. “The Rise of the Machines”, while others see it as the next giant leap forward for mankind. Ben Taylor is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of ZIFF, the world’s only unstructured database powered by AI. He joins us to discuss the implications of what a world with AI might be like.  

About the Guest

Ben Taylor is a cofounder at ZIFF.ai, delivering automated deep learning into production. Ben has over 14 years of machine learning experience and is known for pushing the boundaries for what is possible with deep learning. Previously, he worked in the semiconductor industry for Intel and Micron in photolithography, process control, and yield prediction. Ben left finance and semiconductor to work for Sequoia-backed startup HireVue, where he led the company’s machine learning efforts around digital interview prediction and adverse impact mitigation.

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