108: Scott Beyer on What Could the Free Market Do for Zoning?

Zoning and land use regulations can have serious, and sometimes negative, impact on your property rights. When you can’t so much as add a shed to your backyard without seeking permission, paying fees and otherwise gaining the approval of a local board, it can be stifling. Scott Beyer has been living in 30 different cities, one month at a time, to explore what works and what doesn’t. He joins us to discuss how the regulatory state is affecting us down to the tiniest details of our lives and what the free market can offer in way of alternatives.  

About the Guest

Scott Beyer is the owner of The Market Urbanism Report. He works to advance free-market policy ideas in cities. He’s also a roving urban affairs journalist who writes columns for Forbes, Governing Magazine and HousingOnline.com. Over a three year period, Beyer is circling America to live for a month each in 30 cities, starting from Miami and ending in New York City.

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