106: Joe Darger A Conversation With a Polygamist

What comes to mind when you hear the word “polygamist”? It’s a topic that, historically, has proven to be highly polarized, even though many people have never spoken with a practicing polygamist. In today’s episode, Connor sits down with Joe Darger, a friend and polygamist, to discuss the reality of polygamy in modern times. You might be surprised at the number of people currently practicing polygamy as well as the way that different states are choosing to approach the issue from a legal and public policy standpoint.  

About the Guest

Joe Darger was 18 years old when he married Alina and Vicki in 1990. Joe married Valerie 10 years later, following her divorce from another polygamous family. Valerie and Vicki are identical twin sisters. Together, the family has 25 children, including 5 children from Valerie’s previous marriage. They describe themselves as independent fundamentalist Mormons.

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