1: Tom Woods on How to Reinvent Yourself

Life is unpredictable. Live long enough and you will have the opportunity to reinvent yourself–most likely more than once. Historian and best selling author Tom Woods shares his one-of-a-kind insights on how to take life’s twists and turns in stride and come out on top.

About the Guest

Tom Woods is a brilliant and personable historian, economist and author. He has the enviable ability to make complex or controversial subjects relatable and understandable. Woods has helped to put many thousands of people on the pathway to greater liberty and he does it with clarity and humor.

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  • Nicholas Bates

    After a couple years I finally got my first Tuttle Twins book for my kids, and what do you know, there are some nifty little cards in there and one advertised this podcast. I load it up on Stitcher, and what do you know, your first episode was this awesome gentleman sharing about online affiliate marketing; something I’ve always wanted to get into (I’m a technology buff and an IT administrator with some marketing background) but have kind of put it off because it’s so steeped in useless “Get rich quick” schemes. But Tom’s a libertarian and real about the work. I’m just so excited about this info!

    I’ve listened to a few more since, and am working my way to the lasted ones. You guys have a listener for life, and maybe a new affiliate for the Tuttle Twins, as well.